Attention Women and Men Over 50: Struggling with Brain Fog, Poor Memory, and Worried About Long-term Brain Decline on Your Independence?

Happy Sardinian senior couple

Brain Power Secret of Sardinia’s Super Agers Identified by Scientists

Stanford scientists stunned after it boosts memory recall 44% and gives subjects brain power like people 12 years younger

Italian coastal town
Seulo is home to many 'super agers'

Their brains defy aging.

In the tiny town of Seulo…

…on the sun drenched Italian island of Sardinia…

Live more super agers than anywhere else on Earth.(1)

Despite being in their 70s, 80s, and beyond…

They continue to enjoy full, active lives.

Many still grow their own vegetables…

Others kick back in the afternoons with a few glasses of red wine…

While many more meet daily in the town’s piazza square…

To share the latest gossip, to laugh, and to act years younger than their calendar age.

Take Caterina Moi, 97 (who prefers to go by her nickname ‘Lelina‘).

She’s Close to 100 But Still Lives on Her Own, and Can Recount Past Memories Clear as Day 

Lelina is no exception.

Throughout the town of Seulo you’ll find ‘Super Agers’ just like her.

People who continue to run their own affairs… 

Enjoy romantic relationships… 

And fiercely maintain their independence.

While many people their age are so foggy brained… mentally drained… and forgetful… 

They struggle to read their book for more than 20 minutes straight…

Need help to order the groceries…

Or are so confused by life that all they can do is wile away the hours watching TV

So what’s their secret?

Happy senior Italian couple
The people of Seulo enjoy alert brains and active lifestyles long into their golden years

Why Do the Super Agers of Seulo Get to Enjoy Such Remarkably Sharp Brains?

Is it Sardinian red wine? Olive oil?

Or lucky genetics?

Sure, these are all factors…

But trail blazing research by a pioneering brain scientist has revealed another stunning reason.

A reason that explains why not just the Super Agers of Seulo…

But many people across Italy get to enjoy: 

Senior Lady Relaxing in Park
Senior happy couple taking a selfie photo picture near the basil

Crystal clear memories of childhood birthdays, their first car, and first kiss

The speed of thought to engage in fast paced conversations and to tell jokes

The mental energy and alertness to travel and get in new adventures

The even better news that this discovery hasn’t been left buried in some little known journal.

Because the brain power secret of the ‘Super Agers’ of Seulo has been turned into a daily morning ritual.

A Ritual Countless Thousands of People Now Do Each Morning to Feel the Most Mentally Alert in Years

Thanks to this ritual…

People in their 60s, 70s, and beyond can feel sharp as a tack… 

More present and ‘with it‘…

And to feel they have the mental energy to…


To learn the piano….

To play chess with the grandkids…

And to delight friends at dinner parties with their irrepressible charm and wit.

And it gets better…

Because this ritual doesn’t involve an impossible to follow diet…

Risky surgery…

Or even having to step foot in a doctor’s office.

But instead…

Support brain health

This Ritual Harnesses a Fatty Nutrient Found Inside the Brains of Cows

Is the secret to peak brain power hidden inside the brains of cows?

This fatty nutrient has been the subject of over 60 human clinical studies by some of America’s most respected research institutions.

This includes Stanford University.

Whose scientists were left stunned after this fatty nutrient  helped subjects:

Improve memory recall up to 44 percent

Boost mental clarity and speed of thought up to 33 percent

Gain the brain performance scores of people 12 years younger(2)

In fact, the results were so impressive…

The Stanford’s scientists went on record to say this fatty nutrient is “by far the best of all the nutritional supplements we have ever tested for Age-Associated Memory Impairment.”(3)

While world leading cell biologist Dr. Parris Kidd hailed it as…

“The single best nutrient for safely conserving and restoring crucial higher functions for the brain.”(4) 

Portrait Of Senior Businesswoman
Feeling sharp, focused, and alert is now within grasp

So if you yearn to up your mental game…

To stop stumbling and tripping over your words…

But instead to find it easier to remember what you wanted to say in an instant…

To feel more on the ball…

Able to calculate the bills and fill in complicated paperwork with ease…

And to have the mental energy to play Bridge… 

Travel to Europe… 

Or learn Spanish…

This could be the brain health breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

Because thanks to new understandings of how the brain ages…

And the discovery of this remarkable fatty nutrient…

Enjoying peak brain power in your golden years is no longer just the stuff of science fiction movies.

It’s now science FACT.

Because for the first time in history… 

And with the help of one simple daily ritual…

You Too Can Improve Memory Recall 44%… Speed of Thought 33%… and Gain Brain Power Like Someone 12 Years Younger

My name is Troy Wilson.

I’m not a doctor… neuroscientist… or have any fancy qualifications on my wall.

Instead, I’m a functional health researcher.

Which means my job is to investigate the latest breakthroughs

In how best to support the body and mind through the gifts of Mother Nature.

So while I’m not a doctor or neuroscientist…

The good news is that I’m not beholden to the establishment’s view on things.

And I don’t have to parrot their dated ideas on medicating symptoms, rather than addressing root causes.

An approach to our health that may have generated vast wealth for big corporations

But has been terrible for the long-term health of hardworking Americans.

Even better… 

I don’t have to bury knowledge of safe, effective natural solutions…

That are PROVEN to work.

In fact, my research often leads to me uncovering natural protocols that deserve to be headline news

But rarely get the media attention they deserve.

Well, recently I made the biggest discovery of my career…

A brain health discovery with the potential to change the lives of millions.

When I uncovered it…

…during a long night’s research into unlocking the secrets of the aging mind…

I knew I couldn’t keep silent about it…

But had to shout about this discovery from the rooftops.

What is this potentially life changing brain health breakthrough?

A fatty nutrient found in the brains of cows.

A fatty nutrient found in over 60 human clinical studies to offer remarkable benefits for the brain.

Handsome elderly man spending time at cafe, drinking coffee or tea and using laptop, websurfing or working online, smiling at camera, empty space. Active lifestyle during retirement concept

Being Proven in 60+ Human Clinical Studies is a Claim NO OTHER Brain Health Nutrient Can Make

Because you see…

While there’s no shortage of  brain health supplements on store shelves…

…with ingredients like vitamin B, fish oil, and exotic sounding plant extracts from Asia…

There’s almost ZERO scientific proof any of them work.(5)

I’ve often wonder who got passed a brown envelope for these gimmicky supplements to be allowed on store shelves.

So when I heard about a brain nutrient backed by Stanford… 

Vanderbilt University…

And some of the most respected brain experts in the world…

You can bet your bottom dollar I was going to investigate!

What’s more…

I was eager to find out about this fatty nutrient for personal reasons too.

Because like most folks when they enter the third act of their lives…

My Brain Power Seemed to be in Terminal Decline

Struggling to focus on work
I'd struggle to focus for more than 20 minutes straight

I’d struggle to focus when reading research papers for more than twenty minutes straight.

I’d get those embarrassing mid conversation brain freezes…

You know what I’m talking about?

When your mind suddenly goes blank…

You pause midsentence…

And grasp at straws…

Trying remember what you’d just been talking about.

I’d also mix up the names of the grandkids (heck, who doesn’t)…

Do silly ‘senior’ things like try to open the front door with the garage key…

And have to think long and hard about where I’d parked the car after a trip to the mall.

But worse than that…

I’d constantly be letting people down.

People would ask me do to something…

But it would completely slip my mind.

Believe me…

The look of disappointment on my wife’s face when she’d have to tell me a THIRD time to take out the trash hurt my pride.

Because it was a look mixed with pity

That said I was no longer the same reliable Troy I’d once been.

I’d Try to Laugh Off My Poor Memory and Senior Moments

I’d chuckle and say “I’d lose my own head if it wasn’t screwed on!”

But inside I was gripped with dread.

Would my memory get worse as time went on?

Did I risk losing my job…

And being shuffled out the door if my work rate dropped to a crawl?

Was it only downhill for me from here?

Maybe you’ve had troubling thoughts like this yourself?

Moments when you despair at the chipping away of self confidence

…as former wit and sharpness goes out the window…

To be replaced with fuzzy thinking… senior moments… and embarrassing mental slip ups.

Worrying about age related brain decline
I'd get cranky and sour on even the sunniest of days

Well, the Good News is that Age Related Brain Decline is No Longer Something We Have to Accept

Because I’m about to share with you a ritual that can help get your brain back to working at its peak.

A ritual countless thousands of people are now using to get their brains firing on all cylinders…

Their thoughts zipping along like greased lightning… 

And their minds flowing with the mental energy to start new hobbies

To motor though the day’s tasks without endlessly topping up on coffee…

To engage in  full active social lives…

And to enjoy a higher quality of life.

It’s a ritual that’s proven life changing, for me personally.

But a ritual I only uncovered after…

I Had a Senior Moment so Shameful… I Feared It Had Wrecked My Marriage

mobile phone on shelf
I'd constantly be misplacing my phone, and looking for someone else to blame

Here’s what happened…

Yet again… I’d misplaced my phone. 

Being a cranky so-and-so, I’d looked for someone else to blame.

I’m ashamed to admit it now.

But that person had been my wife.

“I left it right here!” I’d yelled…

While jabbing the kitchen shelf with my finger.

“Why do you keep moving things from where I’d left them?” I barked accusingly.

Now, normally she’d meet my outbursts with a withering look…

Which quickly put me in my place…

But not this time!

Not by a long shot.

Judging by the ‘CRASH!‘ our bedroom door made…

…after she’d marched out of the room in disgust…

This time my frustration with my aging brain had pushed her too far.

You Can Only Imagine the Shame I Felt When My Phone’s Piercing Ringtone Then Echoed Down the Corridor

Holding my hand to my head

When I heard my phone’s shrill bleep, I froze…

Realizing what a terrible mistake I’d just made.

I then tracked my phone’s ringtone down the corridor…

To my office desk drawer…

Where Mr. Magoo here had left it all along.

Wrecked with guilt and remorse…

I shuffled to our bedroom door…

Where I pleaded to my long suffering wife for forgiveness.

“Honey, I’m sorry. I’ve been a stupid old fool again. Can you forgive me?” I’d begged.

But the door stayed shut.

Honey, open the door. I promise never to accuse you of moving my stuff again,” I   pleaded.

The door opened a crack…

“A promise is only worth something when you mean it,” said my wife, eyeing me suspiciously.

Knowing she’d just given me a chance at redemption…

I fell to my knees…

And with one hand on my heart…

Looked my darling wife in the eyes…

And pledged never to get in a cranky mood like that with her again. 

Seeing my guilt and shame, she forgave me. 

But I knew I was on borrowed time.

Because I’d just made a promise I knew would be tough to keep.

The challenge that faced me was steep indeed…

I Had to Find a Solution to My Declining Brain. Before I Became an Even Crankier, Scatter Brained, Pain in the Butt to Live With

The fear of breaking my promise… letting my wife down… and pushing her away made me shudder.

I couldn’t imagine life without her…

Or being left to cope on my own.

Have you experienced moments like this yourself?

Worrying about the impact cranky moods and memory loss may be having on your own relationships?

Well, if you’d love to be able to get your brain back to firing on all cylinders

…like it did 10 or even 20 years ago…

You’re going to LOVE what I’m going to share with you now…

Which is how I discovered a brain powering ritual only made possible thanks to…

Researching to find a way to address age related brain decline

The Determination of a World Leading Brain Scientist to Spread Awareness of the ‘Nature’s Duct Tape’ Compound

Dr. Thomas Crook
Dr. Crook bet his reputation on the fatty nutrient being the key to peak brain power as we age

During his lifetime, Dr. Thomas Crook was one of the world’s top brain scientists.(6)

He was chief of the Geriatric Psychopharmacology division at the National Institute of Mental Health for 14 years.

He authored over 200 scientific papers… eight books… and gave hundreds of lectures on supporting optimal brain health as we age.

Dr. Crook even opened a chain of Memory Assessment Clinics across the US and Europe.

At his clinics…

Dr. Crook developed revolutionary new techniques for helping to improve people’s brain power.

Doctors, lawyers, and high flying business executives flocked to Dr. Crook’s clinics to have their brain’s assessed.  

And to get his expert advice on how their brains  could trained to perform at their peak.

So you see…

Dr. Crook achieved more in his life than an entire team of scientists combined.

But Dr. Crook’s most impressive achievement of them all…

Was his trailblazing research into a fatty nutrient found in the brains of cows.

A fatty nutrient Dr. Crook staked his hard won reputation on…  

And dedicated decades of his life to promoting as…

The master key to helping “individuals maintain mental fitness in order to meet the challenges of daily life.”(7)

What is this fatty nutrient, exactly?

Well, it’s not Gingko, Bacopa or any other common off-the-shelf brain nutrient.

But a fatty nutrient first discovered by Italian scientists in the brains of cows.

As you may know…

Italians enjoy some of the best rates of cognitive health in the world.

Italians are Renowned for their Active Social Lives… Meeting to Talk, Debate, and Laugh in Piazza Squares in their 70s, 80s, and Beyond

Their Mediterranean diets…

…high in fish, nuts and olive oil…

Have long been prized as the secret to their remarkable brain power.

But Italian scientists found yet another key ingredient.

An ingredient that a vast weight of studies now suggests may be the biggest brain booster of them all.

An ingredient many Italians eat in abundance…

Because it’s found in high amounts in an Italian delicacy called ‘cervella fritte’

More commonly known as fried cows’ brains.(8)

Italian food
Many Italians eat the fatty nutrient in abundance

But what is this ingredient, exactly?

And why is it so beneficial for brain health?

Well, allow me to answer the second question first…

The reason this fatty nutrient is such a powerful mind enricher…

Is because it acts like ‘Nature’s Duct Tape’ in the brain.

Because you see, while our brains may look like lumps of organic matter…

Our brains are like a mesh of electrical wires

These wires are made from long chains of nerve cells called neurons.

You have about 100 billion neurons in your brain…

Which is more than ten times the number of people living on earth.(9)

Every one of these neurons acts like a building block.

And when connected together in vast chains…

Your neurons form pathways.

And along these pathways your thoughts, memories, and emotions travel as electrical pulses…

From one neuron to the next.

There are as many brain cells as stars in the universe
tThere are more connections in your brain than there are stars in the universe

A single neuron can be connected to as many as 40,000 other neurons. 

Which means there are more connections in your brain than there are stars in the universe.

And this explains why your brain is far from a lump of organic matter…

But like a dense electrical mesh…

On which your thoughts zip around like tiny bolts of electricity…

Making your brain a lightning storm of activity.

The Smooth Flow of Electrical Pulses is what Sustains Your Speed of Thought and Clarity of Thinking

Before the age of 50…

Your thoughts, memories, and emotions zip around like greased lightning.

But like everything else in the body…

As we age, our neurons decay and deplete. 

Our depletion of neurons accelerates the older we get.

Which means that, after age 50 our brain’s neural mesh starts to lose its density

Its circuits become thinned out. 

And the electrical wires our thoughts zip along can become ‘closed off’…

Or even disappear altogether.

When that happens…

Your brain has to find a new route to transport all the billions of messages that control our daily experience of life.

But if Too Many Neurons Wear Away and Routes Get Closed Off, You Can Get Electrical Black Outs

You can then find yourself stumbling over words.  

Struggling to focus on your book for more than a few pages straight.  

Forgetting where you parked the car.

And getting in cranky sour moods you can’t explain.

Sadly, wear and tear on the brain is unavoidable.

It’s a natural part of aging. 

And there’s nothing that can be done to stop the march of Father Time.

But the good news is that…

Close up head shot thoughtful older woman looking out window, standing at home, mature female with curly grey hair lost in thoughts, thinking about problem, nostalgia and melancholy, feeling lonely
As our neurons deplete, our brain power can wane

Your Neural Pathways Can be Rebuilt and Your Brain Power Supported at its Peak

Phospholipids form a protective barrier around every brain cell

Because you see…

Surrounding your neurons is a layer of molecules called phospholipids.(10)

If our chains of neurons are like electrical cords…

Then phospholipids are the plastic coating that protects them.

But over time…

This protective phospholipid layer wears away. 

So it has to be constantly sustained with more phospholipids…

To keep your neurons protected and working at their peak.

Well, this is where the fatty nutrient comes in…

…known as ‘Nature’s Duct Tape’.

Because ‘Nature’s Duct Tape’ is a type of phospholipid called PhosphatidylSerine or PS for short.(11)


In study after study, PS has been shown to help support peak brain performance at any age

PS helps support the neurons in three key ways:(12)

PS helps to repair the protective layer around the brain’s neurons

PS acts like a gatekeeper that helps keep unwanted molecules out, while allowing beneficial nutrients in

PS helps neurons pass on messages to the next neuron in the chain.

And by feeding your brain with enough PS to help support your brain’s neurons to work at their peak…

Your memories, thoughts and other messages can all zip around at lightning speed.

Allowing you to continue feeling sharp, ‘with it’ and in control at any age.

brain's neurons
PS has been shown to help support the brain's neural mesh in 3 key ways

How ‘Nature’s Duct Tape’ Helps Support Peak Brain Health

Digital 3D projection of a human brain 3D rendering
Our brains are like a mesh of wires along which our thoughts, memories, and emotions travel to our awareness.
Our neural mesh deteriorates naturally due to aging. But this means it takes longer for messages to travel to where they're needed.
The Nature' Duct Tape compound PS helps to maintain our brain’s neural mesh and the smooth flow of messages.

Now, I know what I’ve just described to you may sound like it came out of a science book.

But what you’re really interested to know is…

Whether the benefits of PS have been proven in living, breathing people?

Am I right?

It’s a good question.

And a question teams of scientists across Italy sought to answer…

After Italian Scientists  Succeeded in Extracting PS from the Brains of Cows

After extracting the fatty molecule PS from the brains of cows…

Feverish research ensued in labs across Italy.

They wanted to find out if the amount of PS in Italian diets helped explain why they got to continue enjoy such sharp, lively minds

In their 60s, 70s, and beyond…

While people their age in other countries barely have the mental energy to follow their favorite TV show.

Senior couple vacationer taking selfie while having genuine fun
Withn 45 days their brain scores had improved 24%

One of the largest studies of PS took place at the University of Catania in Italy.(13)

In a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled study…

A huge group of 494 people…

…between the ages of 65 and 93…

Took either 300 mg of PS or a placebo for 90 days.

The Italian scientists were expecting only a moderate change in their scores, at best.

So after 45 days…

When the PS group achieved scores that were 24% higher than the control group

The scientists gasped in surprise.

It was their first clue that they were onto something special.

But the scientists were soon in for an even bigger shock.

Because after 90 days the results were even more jaw dropping.

The PS Group had Achieved a Massive 44% Jump in Brain Scores Across the Board(14)

The scientists had never dreamed of seeing a jump like this…

Particularly in such a huge group of subjects.

And you may too be wondering if this study was a one off? A fluke?

Well, since the University of Catania’s study…

Over 60 human studies of PS have been published in peer reviewed journals… 

Of which almost a third are placebo controlled, double-blind studies… 

Which is the gold standard of clinical research.

And in study after study…

PS has been shown to provide significant benefits for people’s focus, mental clarity, and memory recall.

This includes a groundbreaking study led by Dr. Crook.

For over decade…

Dr. Crook Spearheaded Research into PS in Dozens of Leading Universities across North America and Europe 

One of the most groundbreaking studies took place in labs across Stanford, Vanderbilt University and Dr. Crook’s Memory Assessment Clinic in Bethesda.(15)

In the study, 149 people, aged 50 to 75, were given 300 mg of PS daily or a placebo for 12 weeks.

Like the Italians before them…

Dr. Crook and his team had only expected a moderate change, at best.

So when, on average…

The subjects who’d taken PS reported a…

Beautiful aged artist holding pencil while drawing
A clear, precise mind is now scientifically achievable

 “30 percent improvement in cognitive function, including memory, learning and recalling names” (16)

Dr. Crook and his team cheered and clapped for joy.

And it gets better…

Because also like the Italians before them…

Dr. Crook and his team were in for a wonderful surprise.

Because after comparing the brain performance scores of their subjects to those of people who’d attended Dr. Crook’s memory clinics…  

They discovered the subjects given PS…

Had achieved  brain performance scores like people 12 years younger!(17)

Whether it was focus, word recall, speed of thought, or memory…

The subjects given PS had achieved stunning improvements in brain power across the board.

And like they’d reversed their brain age 12 whole years.

Just picture that for a second.

Being Able to Think and Act More Like Your 12 Year Younger Self

Mature couple jumping on bed
Supporting a clear, sharp brain is one of the biggest keys to our enjoyment of life

To be able to total up numbers in your head…

To go shopping without a list…

To learn new things, quickly and easily….

To power through the day at work like you did 10 years ago…

And to think, feel, and act more like a younger version of yourself.

That would be really something, don’t you think?

And reversing your brain age 12 years sure sounds like something out of Star Trek.

But as the huge study of PS proved…

A younger acting brain is now within your grasp.

Stunned by the results…

Stanford’s scientists even declared that PS is “by far the best of all the nutritional supplements we have ever tested for Age-Associated Memory Impairment.“(18)

While Dr. Kidd hailed how “the remarkable benefits of PS and its safety in use are now established beyond doubt. What remains is to spread the message to the people who can benefit from PS.”(19)

The Ability of PS to Boost the Brain Power of Subjects Even Reached  the Mainstream News

The Wall Street Journal wrote an entire feature on Dr. Crook’s pioneering research…

In which they concluded, based on the evidence, that PS is “an effective memory supplement ingredient”…

And that for brain health people should “stick with supplements that contain only PS.” (20)

With such stunning results and mainstream attention like that…

You’d think PS’s discovery would have revolutionized how we address brain aging from that day on?

But here’s the thing… 

Dr. Crook’s pivotal study took place 30 years ago.

But today…

Hardly anyone in the fields of longevity and brain science seems to know his study took place.

In fact…

Try finding evidence of Dr. Crook’s research on Google and you’d think it had been wiped off the internet.

This left me scratching my head.

And pondering an uncomfortable question…

Has Knowledge of PS Been Buried to Protect the Profits of Ruthless Supplement Companies?

Because let’s face it…

If it became widely known that there’s a fatty compound backed by over 60 human clinical studies for its ability to:

 ✓ Improve memory recall up to 44 percent.

 Boost mental clarity and speed of thought up to 33 percent

✓ Provide the brain performance scores of someone 12 years younger

sales of mediocre vitamin B and fish oil brain supplements would plummet.

Or perhaps there’s another reason for the lack of awareness of Dr. Crook’s findings?

Perhaps his research has since been disproven…

And his studies debunked?

Well, recently a team of scientists from Texas sought to set the record straight.

The Texan scientists wanted to find out if PS really does offer a potent way sustaining peak brain health as we age…(21)

Or if more recent studies had denounced Dr. Crook as a quack.

Stunned that nobody knew about this discovery
It was like all the evidence of Dr. Crook's had been wiped from the internet

The Texan Scientists did a Comprehensive Review of ALL the Human Clinical Studies on PS in the National Library of Medicine

The scientists had a huge pile of 127 studies in total.

They then collated the results.

And published their findings publicly in the highly respected American Journal of Nutrition.

What did they find?

Due to strict rules on what I’m allowed to say about how natural compounds help support the healthy functioning of the human brain…

I can’t share the scientists’ most glowing conclusions with you.

But what I can say is that the scientists concluded that…

…after reviewing all 127 studies…

PS “supports human cognitive functions” in all areas of memory formation and recall.(22)

In fact, the scientists concluded that its widespread benefits for the brain included:

Journal Of Nutrition
The scientists published their conclusion in the American Journal of Nutrition

“the ability to focus attention and concentrate, the ability to reason and solve problems, language skills and the ability to communicate, and locomotive functions, especially rapid reactions and reflexes.”

Happy senior couple
PS' benefits for brain health are now proven in 127 studies

In other words…

Dr. Crook’s claim that PS was the most potent nutrient in existence for helping “individuals maintain mental fitness in order to meet the challenges of daily life”…

Was proven to be categorically true.

A claim also backed by popular internet physician Dr. Mercola.

On his website, Dr. Mercola states that PS is helpful in “brain function, and may be used to keep brain cells healthy and optimally functioning.”(23)

While on the popular Dr. Josh Axe website, it confirms that PS is: 

“Critical to the maintenance of all cellular activity, especially in the brain.”(24)

So you see…

The weight of scientific evidence… 127 human clinical studies…  and the consensus of the world’s leading functional health doctors…

ALL back PS’ ability to offer significant benefits for the brain.

Well, after reading about Dr. Crook’s pioneering studies…

…and all the wonderful benefits of PS for memory recall, sharpness, and speed of thought…

I could have stopped my research there.

I could have just bought the highest concentration PS supplement I could find…

And tick off my personal research project as complete.

But then I Remembered the Promise I’d Made to My Wife

How I’d promised to find a way to stop being so forgetful…

To stop being such a cranky grouch…

And to find a way to address my brain decline so I never took out my frustrations on her again.

So if I was going to keep my promise…

…and maintain a happy marriage along with it…

I knew I had to dig deeper.  

I had to go further than I’d ever gone before into understanding what happens to our brains as we age.

So I burnt the midnight oil reading through piles of clinical reports… medical journals… and little known studies into age related brain decline.

And you know what I found?

That there are…

I had to research deeper than I'd ever done before

3 Key Processes also Vital for Sustaining a Strong, Healthy Brain as we Age

Focused and motivated man
Supporting the brains's neurotransmitters helps transport thoughts quickly to our awareness

The first process I identified was helping to promote peak levels of one key neurotransmitter.

In case you didn’t know…

Neurotransmitters are tiny chemical messengers in the brain.

They’re like tiny delivery vans that zip along our brain’s neural highways…

Moving our thoughts, memories and emotions to where they’re needed.

The brain’s most abundant neurotransmitter is acetylcholine.(25)

And sustaining healthy levels of acetylcholine is vital to our ability to pass messages from one neuron to the next… 

So that our brains can process information quickly…

And sustain a high speed of thought…

With fewer brain freezes or embarrassing mid-conversation pauses.

But Sadly our Levels of Acetylcholine Drop as we Age

This is another reason why the brain can start to slow down after age 50. 

And why you can feel scatter brained… fuzzy… and struggling to focus on your book for more than a few minutes straight. 

The good news is that I discovered an ingredient that’s potent at helping to support optimal levels of acetylcholine in the brain.

It’s a Chinese club moss called Huperzine A.(26)

Huperzine A

The reason why Huperzine A is so potent at helping to support our speed of thought…

Is because it helps to manage an enzyme that can cause acetylcholine levels to drop.

An enzyme called acetylcholinesterase.

As the medical review website Examine states…

Huperzine A “stops an enzyme from breaking down acetylcholine which results in increases in acetylcholine.”(27)

Huperzine A also has a wonderful side benefit.

Because as well as helping to support healthy acetylcholine levels…

HuperZine A also helps support a second key process vital for a strong, healthy brain.

And that’s powering the mitochondria inside every brain cell.(28)

As you may remember from science class…

Chinese club moss
Huperzine A helps to support our brain's neurotransmitter 'delivery fleet' at its peak

Mitochondria are like Tiny Batteries inside Every Cell in Your Body

It’s the mitochondria that give your cells the energy to perform all sorts of complex functions and maintenance tasks.

In your brain…

The mitochondria power your neurons’ ability to receive and transmit messages quickly and smoothly.

So you see…

Powering the mitochondria inside every neuron is vital for our brain’s performance.

So vital, in fact, that I tracked down a second ingredient to help the mitochondria work at their peak.

An ingredient called N-Acetyl L-Carnitine, or ALCAR for short.

mitochondrion battery inside every cell
The mitochondria are like batteries inside every brain cell

N-Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR)

ALCAR is one of the few amino acids able to pass the blood brain barrier and reach our brain.(29)

Which means ALCAR is also one of only a few amino acids able to help energize the mitochondria in every brain cell. 

And with better supported mitochondria…

Your neurons can and zip messages along at warp speed.

As Web MD states, “Acetyl-L-carnitine helps the body produce energy. It is important for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other body processes.”(30)

But even after nailing down these two vital processes for brain health…

I knew I wasn’t yet done.

So I continued my research… 

And found a third key process that’s vital to a strong, healthy brain…

Supporting the healthy flow of oxygen and nutrient rich blood.

Because you see, just like your heart…

Your brain relies on smooth blood flow to cleanse itself of toxins while bringing in oxygen and nutrients.

In fact, the brain gets about one seventh of the heart’s output of blood every minute. 

And this abundant blood flow is vital for providing the oxygen, glucose, and other nutrients the brain needs to perform at its best.

To help support the smooth flow of blood to the brain… 

I identified a third key ingredient called Vinpocetine.


Vinpocetine is derived from the purple flowered periwinkle plant Vinca minor.(31) 

While in the US not many people know about it…

Vinpocetine has been a popular blood circulation supplement in Europe for  decades.

And with adequate blood flow…

The brain get more of the vital nutrients it needs to help it perform at its peak.

So now I’ve shared these three extra ingredients with you…

…and the vital roles they perform in the brain…

Large flowers of Vinca. Vinca minor L. evergreen perennial herb used in pharmacology, folk medicine, bred as an ornamental plant. Selective focus.
Vinpocetine helps to support smooth blood flow to the brain

I Expect You’re Eager to Rush Off and Buy Them as Supplements? 

Am I right?

I did the exact same thing after I’d completed my research.

But I was soon left disappointed.

Because after looking at dozens of memory supplements…

…and after comparing their formulas to the studies of PS and the three other vital nutrients I’d found…

All of them fell short.

Their Formulas were Either Out-of-date, Left Out at Least One of the Key Ingredients, or Skimped on Potencies

I was shocked at the lack of quality supplements
All the supplements I looked at fell short

While I did find individual supplements for each ingredient with the potencies I was looking for…

It would have meant spending at least $100 a month to buy all four.

So you know what I did?

I compiled all the research I’d done on PS, and the three other key nutrients…

…and presented my discoveries to the manufacturing team at Legacy Nutraceuticals…

Which is a supplements company based here in the USA

And for whom I do research into the latest discoveries in functional health.

I explained to them how the ‘Nature’s Duct Tape’ compound PS helps to maintain every single brain cell to work at their peak…

How Huperzine A helps to replenish the brain’s acetylcholine delivery fleet.. 

How ALCAR helps to power the mitochondria batteries in every neuron… 

And how Vinpocetine supports the smooth flow of oxygen rich blood to the brain.

Well, after sharing all the verified research on how these four ingredients are vital keys to sustaining a strong, healthy brain… 

We All Agreed that We Had to Make these Vital Nutrients Available to As Many People as Possible at a Price they Could Afford

Because at Legacy Nutraceuticals…

Our mission is to harness the latest breakthroughs in nutritional science.

And to create products that help people live long lives in peak health.

And there are few more decisive factors in people’s ability to feel in control…

…and able to live their lives to the full…

Than having a strong, healthy brain performing at its peak.

But combining all four ingredients into a single, easy to swallow capsule wasn’t easy.

PS, for example, can no longer be used from cow’s brains, for safety issues.

But luckily, we found PS can also be extracted from the skin’s of soy beans.

Well, after trying many different formulations…

Eventually, the day arrived when we checked a report of the capsule’s contents, and clapped and cheered for joy.

We’d done it!

We’d succeeded in creating something that continues to fill us with pride and joy.

A groundbreaking supplement for supporting a strong, healthy, high performing brain at any age…

And a supplement backed by proven science.


Natura Brain – The World’s Ultimate Brain Power Formula

Natura Brain

We believe Natura Brain to be one of the biggest breakthroughs in brain health in the last few years.

It has the potential to help millions of people enjoy clear thoughts… precise memories… and to feel more confident in their cognitive abilities.

What also makes Natura Brain special is that it provides a high dose of the ‘Nature’s Duct Tape’ compound PS. 

A single capsule of Natura Brain contains double the amount of PS of most comparable  supplements

So if you’re not a fan of swallowing pills…

You’ll be pleased to know you only need one capsule of Natura Brain to help keep your brain in tip top shape.

While two capsules can provide a similar dose to the human clinical studies.

What also makes Natura Brain special is that it contains optimal amounts of HuperZine A, ALCAR and Vinpocetine…

And thirdly…

We’ve Added Four MORE Ingredients to Help Support Peak Brain  Performance in Multiple Ways

St Johns wort

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort is a yellow flowered plant that’s been used in herbal remedies for hundreds of years for promoting calm, happy thoughts

This is due to its perceived ability to help support the key happiness chemical serotonin at healthy levels.(32)

Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa is a white flowered creeping herb thought to help the brain produce a neurotransmitter called GABA

And GABA is believed to help promote feelings of calm, along with concentration and and focus.(33)

Gingko biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo is thought to help support healthy levels of the key messenger chemical acetylcholine. 

Which in turn, helps thoughts, memories, and other messages travel smoothly around the brain to our awareness.(34)

Creating happier brain waves


Like ALCAR, L-glutamine is one of only a few amino acids able to pass the blood–brain barrier. 

This then allows it to help break down protein to feed the brain with nutrition and energy

What’s more, L-glutamine is known for its mood calming effects.(35)

Every ingredient has been sourced from the purest, most potent sources available. And expertly formulated into a single easy to swallow capsule.

Natura Brain contains zero sugar, zero carbs, and zero caffeine.

And instead just 8 high-quality standardized extracts of some of the most potent brain health supporting nutrients, vitamins and botanical extracts found on God’s green earth.

Formulated in a State-of-the-art Lab Following Good Manufacturing Processes 

GMP manufacturing facility
Natura Brain is expertly formulated here in the USA

Partnering Natura Brain’s premium formula is the high quality manufacturing process that goes into making it.

Natura Brain is made in the USA in a state-of-the-art facility following Good Manufacturing Practices.

After placing your order, your package of Natura Brain will be dispatched using high priority shipping to reach you within a few days.

Then when it arrives, rip open the package, take a capsule with a cool glass of water…

And allow Natura Brain to help you feel mentally alert, clear minded, and focused each day.

Made in the USA to American Standards

This product is made in the USA

Peak Brain Health Support For Enjoying More of Life

Happy senior couple ready for driving a car on a journey trip -
A calm, clear mind allows you to enjoy more of life

So what benefits can you expect from Natura Brain?

Well, just imagine being able to read your book without feeling so tired…

Being able to calculate your bills without feeling so scatter brained.

Or how about being able to engage in fast paced conversations…

With fewer embarrassing brain freezes or mental slips. 

Maybe you’ll even experience the joy of your old wit and confidence returning…

And start feeling more like your calm and joyful self again.

But best of all…

Natura Brain can help provide peace of mind knowing you’ve taken steps to help support your brain power today, and in the months and years to come.

Natura Brain x 6 bottles

Brain Health Benefits that Build Over Time

Month 1

As Natura Brain’s precision developed formula starts to help support the brain’s neural pathways, you may notice you have more mental energy when doing paperwork, you feel sharper, and more ‘with it’ in daily life.

Month 2

As your brain’s neurotransmitter ‘delivery fleet’ smoothly transport memories, thoughts, and emotions like greased lightning, you may notice your thoughts become fast, precise, and better able to solve life’s mental challenges.

Month 3

As nutrient rich blood flows to your brain like a river, you may notice you find it easier to learn new hobbies, and to pursue mentally rewarding activities that bring life joy. You may also notice you feel calmer, more positive minded, and self confident from having a clear thinking brain.

What People say

Wanda E

I’ve been using these for about three weeks and I have to say that they definitely do something. I didn’t notice anything till a couple of days to a week in but then I noticed that I was alert, aware and awake. 

Wanda E

John P

It's a rarity - A brain focus herbal supplement that really works! If your brain is working well you may not feel anything but if your memory sucks like mine, and your moody for no reason, these should help improve it

John P

Barbara C

Ive tried tons of brain supplements and been disappointed. But these ones really work! I wasnt sure at first but I thought with the guarantee id try them and I’m glad I did. The brain energy I get from them is good. I’m able to recall things faster.

Barbara C

Terry W

I thought id wasted my money first few days. but then they started working. I can remember things MUCH BETTER now...and seem to think clearer too after just a few days... and i'm almost 70.

Terry W

Disclaimer – This feedback is based on personal experience  and may not reflect the typical experience and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Your results may vary. Stock photos are used to protect people’s privacy.

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Clickbank's checkout screen

The reason it shows the Clickbank badge at the top is because we use Clickbank to handle all of our order processing.

This is so we can provide you with the best internet security possible when placing your order.

ClickBank is a top 100 internet retailer.

And ClickBank has been operating online for over 20 years, which is as long as Amazon.

ClickBank also has an A+ Accreditation rating with the Better Business Bureau.

And in the unlikely event you need a refund…

ClickBank’s customer support team will be happy to process the refund for you promptly.

Through partnering with ClickBank, a BBB accredited company, you’re assured of a professional, hassle free shopping experience with Legacy Nutraceuticals. 

ClickBank logo
We use Clickbank to process our orders using the latest security protocols
Secure checkout
Satisfaction guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
Easy returns

Try Natura Brain Risk Free for 180 Days

We want you to feel confident in giving Natura Brain a try.

And to experience for yourself how the best results come from at least three months use.

So if Natura Brain doesn’t help you to think clearly…

To feel sharp, mentally alert, calm, composed and in control of your life… 

Or you don’t experience any of the other benefits claimed on this page…

Then your order is free!

Completely and utterly FREE.

All you need to do is return the bottles within 180 days, even if they’re empty, and we’ll refund your order automatically (excluding postage).

There’s no need to call, contact your credit card company, or even email us to request a refund.

Simply return the bottles and we’ll refund the money straight to your card.

Zero questions asked or hoops to jump through.

And in the rare case that you don’t automatically get a refund…

You can contact Clickbank’s customer support team, and they’ll action the refund on the spot.

Because we want to do everything possible to remove all the risk from you giving Natura Brain a try…

And discovering for yourself what a difference it can make to your mental clarity… sharpness… and quality of life.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Natura Brain x 6 bottles

I liked this supplement. I felt like it gave me just a little more energy and focus that coffee just doesn't do like it used to--no matter how much I drink! No jitters or adverse effects. 

Gregory T

I haven’t even been taking this product for a long time and many days I forget to take it and I still feel like my memory and focus has got a lot better. Will reorder again.

Janice R

Disclaimer – This feedback is based on personal experience  and may not reflect the typical experience and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Your results may vary. Stock photos are used to protect people’s privacy.

Gain Bigger Savings and Bigger Benefits with the Larger Package Sizes

Taking care of our brains is a lifelong endeavour. 

And our brains deserve the same commitment as taking care of our teeth.

So we recommend taking Natura Brain daily as part of your morning bathroom routine.

The benefits of Natura Brain also compound over time.

In other words…

The longer you take it the better the results for your mental clarity, speed of thought, and feeling of control in daily life.

Most of the clinical studies of the ‘Nature’s Duct Tape’ compound PS lasted three months…

And this explains why most people  experience the biggest benefits from Natura Brain after 3 months of use. 

So while a single bottle is a great way to try it out…

We recommend investing in the larger package sizes of Natura Brain to gain the biggest benefits. 

Portrait of senior couple at the back seat of car, smiling
Natura Brain's benefits compound over time

Many people are also buying larger pack sizes so they can get a bottle for their partner, parents, or other loved ones.

Because as soon as they experience how Natura Brain helps them to think clearly, and to have the brain power to get more out of life…

They want their partners and other loved ones to experience the benefits of Natura Brain too.

But whether you choose a single one month trial pack or the six month package…

Every order is protected with a 180 day money back guarantee.

So there’s zero risk in giving Natura Brain a try. 

As the only way to appreciate Natura Brain’s benefits for your brain power… memory… and confidence in your mental capabilities is to experience them for yourself.

Natura Brain x 6 bottles

I've tried all the major brands of brain power supplements and this works better than most Ive tried. 

George H

I’ve been using these for a few weeks and I have to say that they definitely do something. I didn’t notice anything much until a week ago but then I felt like I was more aware, alert and awake. None of the jitters or on the anxious feeling from other brain pills.


Disclaimer – This feedback is based on personal experience  and may not reflect the typical experience and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Your results may vary. Stock photos are used to protect people’s privacy.

Free Digital Bonuses with Every Bottle

On its own Natura Brain already provides a potent way of supporting your brain to think clearly, precisely, and with the ability to motor through tasks with gusto.

But the best results come from combining Natura Brain with healthy food choices.

There’s one diet in particular that’s recommended for optimal brain power called the MIND diet.

The MIND diet is similar to the Mediterranean diet. 

And is rich in whole grains, green leafy vegetables, olives and nuts.

To help you combine dishes from the MIND Diet with your daily Natura Brain regimen…

We’re going to give you a FREE digital cookbook with every order.

Our ’40 Brain Healthy Recipes’ cookbook is packed with 40 delicious but brain healthy meals.

Natura Brain Cookbook - 40 Brain Healthy Recipes

The Natura Brain Cookbook includes weekly shopping lists, a weekly meal planner, and easy to follow cooking instructions.

Its recipes include healthy yet tasty breakfast options, like banana breakfast oats, chickpea scramble and berry smoothie bowl…

Nutrient dense lunches and dinners, like sweet potato bean burgers, garlic zucchini and tomato pasta and vegetable and tahini tray bake…

And healthy yet sweet tasting desserts, like vegan nutella, matcha energy balls and lemon and berry cheesecake.

Every recipe requires only a few different ingredients you can buy from any food store. 

And every dish can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.

So when you start adding a few of these delicious, brain healthy dishes to your diet…

You can take the brain enrichment benefits of Natura Brain to the next level.

banana almond muffins
vegan choc brownies
almond and peach cake

Peak Brain Health – Lifestyle Guide

Along with eating a brain healthy diet, another key factor in protecting the brain’s performance as we age is a brain healthy lifestyle.

But it can be confusing to know exactly what habits can help with brain health, and which are a waste of time.

So we’ve compiled extra research on the keys to a brain healthy lifestyle into an easy to read digital eBook.

It’s topics include:

How to address mental fatigue, so you can continue feeling alert and ‘with it’ throughout the day

The vital role of sleep in sustaining a healthy brain and how to get more of it without feeling groggy the next day

The effects of sugar on the brain, and why our sugar free recipes can play a key role in sharpening your mind

Simple daily brain exercises for giving your brain cells a workout in spare minutes during the day.

Brain Health eBook

Guide to Chronic Stress + 101 Stress Busting Techniques

Guide to Chronic Stress

Stress is an unavoidable part of our lives.

But being stressed all the time can impact our happiness, concentration, and our brain health.

The good news is there are simple strategies you can use to relieve stress in minutes each day. 

In our ‘Complete Guide to Chronic Stress’ eBook we reveal:

– How stress affects our brain health

– The different types of stress

– Simple test for recognizing if you’re carrying a lot of stress around.

Then to help you get stress under control, our ‘101 Stress Busting Techniques’ eBook provides a ton of simple techniques for relieving stress…

…so you can feel calm, relaxed, and happy…

In a safe, natural way.

Natura Brain package
Please note these are digital eBooks, and not printed books.

To get these bonus eBooks, after completing your order click on the ‘More information about this product’ link. You’ll also find this link in your order confirmation email.

A High Performing Brain Can Help Improve Your Quality of Life

If you already enjoy clear focus, precision memory, and rarely feel mentally tired…


Your brain is already performing great.

And you likely wouldn’t notice a big difference from Natura Brain.

But if you often feel tired doing paperwork…

Brain foggy in the afternoons…

Feeling scatter brained… confused… and forgetful…

Or getting in cranky moods you can’t explain…

It’s likely your brain performance could do with a boost.

And Natura Brain is the perfect precision developed formula that can help you do it.

tired businessman with glasses at laptop in office
If you struggle with exhaustion doing paperwork, Natura Brain may help

Ready to Join the ‘Super Agers’ Club?

Senior woman using the laptop
Feel sharp, productive, and on the ball

In a few days from now you could be getting your package of Natura Brain in the mail…

And starting on your journey towards experiencing how Natura Brain can help power your brain at its peak.

Natura Brain may even help you feel ready to join the ‘Super Agers’ club.

Do you have any ‘Super Ager’ friends?

You know who I’m talking about, right? 

People like those found in the tiny town of Seulo in Sardinia

People whose brains seem to barely skip a beat, even in their 60s or 70s… 

People who are still engaging in fast paced conversations and laughing with friends…  

Sharp, alert types who always seem to be taking up new hobbies…

Reading new books…  

And seem to coast through the day’s mental challenges with ease.

Well, there’s no need to be envious of ‘Super Ager’ friends anymore

Because with the help of Natura Brain to help power your mind at its peak…

You can soon join them!

Enjoy a Higher Quality of Life with a Clear Thinking and Acting Mind

Just imagine what life could be like if you had the mental energy to take up the acoustic guitar…

To learn Spanish…

Finish the family tree…

Or to finally write that novel you’ve been carrying in your head all these years.

Or how about having the mental clarity to not just tell stories, but to tell jokes.

And to impress your partner, friends and colleagues with your mental sharpness and wit.

Or imagine what a boost to your self esteem it would be…

Having a brain that feels like it’s firing on all cylinders. 

Smiling middle aged couple
Continue enjoying your favorite hobbies, or start new ones
happy mature couple sat on a sofa
Feeling calm and in control can help improve relationships

The joy of being able to play chess with your grandkids… 

Or even understanding how to play their new video game. 

Or how about being able to remember every errand or appointment without being asked twice….

And without having to write post it notes and lists all over the place. 

Or how about feeling more calm, composed and even-tempered…

Making you an easier person to live with.

Who knows?

You may even discover that the self confidence that comes from a clear thinking brain may help rekindle the romance in your relationship.

But best of all…

Will be knowing you’ve taken steps to help protect your brain health…

And your independence, self reliance, and quality of life along with it.

Bottom line…

When you give your brain what it needs to work at its peak…

The possibilities are endless.

So if you’re ready to discover how Natura Brain can help to support your brain at its peak… 

Select Your Favorite Risk Free Package of Natura Brain 

Natura Brain x 6 bottles


Natura Brain is the only supplement formulated based on the 60+ human clinical studies of PS

How Huperzine A helps to replenish the brain’s acetylcholine delivery fleet.. 

How ALCAR helps to power the mitochondria batteries in every neuron… 

How Vinpocetine supports the smooth flow of oxygen rich blood to the brain

And how Natura’s Brain’s four extra key ingredients all help to power the brain at its peak.

No matter what your age or what state your brain may feel in right now…

I want you to know that… 

It’s Never Too Late to Start Living Your Best Life

To try new hobbies…

To travel… to get in new adventures…

And to even start a new romance. 

But the key to making any of these things possible…

Is supporting your brain to function at its peak.

And Natura Brain is the world’s ultimate brain health formula for making that possible.


Your purchase is protected with a money back guarantee for 180 days.

So there’s zero risk in giving Natura Brain a try…

And making it a smart decision which can help you make many more smart decisions in the future.

So if you’re ready to start reliving brain fog… mental lethargy… and poor memory…

And to start feeling alert… mentally energized… and sharp as a tack instead…

Click below to select your favorite risk free package…

And get ready to start feeling the most confident in your cognitive abilities in years.

A high function brain can improve your quality of life
A high functioning brain can improve your quality of life

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What People Say About This Formula


Disclaimer – These reviews are based on personal experience  and may not reflect the typical experience and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Your results may vary.

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