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A bottle of Natura Zest

Natura Zest

Natura Zest is an energy and vitality supplement inspired by two key discoveries.

Firstly, the discovery of Nurse’s Caisse’s recipe for herbal tonic, which she used to revitalize the energy of countless thousands of people 100 years ago.

And secondly, Natura Zest is formulated based on the recent discovery by NASA scientists of the ‘universal mechanism’. This is a mechanism in the human body that controls how energized, alert and youthful we feel in daily life.

Drawing on these two discoveries, we tracked down 25 natural ingredients clinically studied for their ability to support the ‘universal mechanism’ to work at its peak.

The result is a revolutionary new energy supplement that helps you feel flowing with natural energy, and eager to live life to the full.

Natura Bliss

Natura Bliss combines 28 key ingredients all handpicked for their ability to support key happiness chemicals in the brain.

Natura Bliss’s proprietary blend includes the ‘Happy Seed’ Griffonia Simplicifolia, ‘Magic Velvet Bean’ Mucuna Pruriens along with a selection of key nootropics, mood balancing adaptogens, and botanical extracts used in herbal remedies for thousands of years for supporting joyful, positive moods.

While Natura Bliss can help curb cravings on its own, its REAL weight loss and health revitalizing power comes from its ability to supporting intermittent fasting and reducing sugar in people’s diets.

Intermittent fasting is now a hot weight loss trend.

But many people struggle to implement it due to feelings of irritability, brain fog and hunger. Well, these are all feelings that Natura Bliss helps to relieve.

To help people adopt intermittent fasting and reducing sugar intake, Natura Bliss is supplied with a Quickstart Intermittent Fasting Guide, 3 x sugar free recipe books, a craving relieving hypnosis track, a Mindful Eating Guide, and access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support to put the Bliss Breakthrough method into action.

Natura Brain

Natura Brain’s formulation is inspired by the life’s works of Dr. Thomas Crook, who put his reputation on the line to promote the benefits of the ‘Nature’s Duct Tape’ compound PS for supporting optimal brain health as we age.

Natura Brain combines a similar dosage to that used in Dr. Crook’s human clinical studies with 7 more key nutrients, which help to support the brain’s 100 billion brain cells to work at their peak.

Natura Brain’s formula also contains nutrients that help to power the mitochondria batteries inside every brain cell, to support the brain’s billions of neurotransmitters, and to help support the smooth flow of nutrient rich blood to the brain.

Through its special precision developed formula, Natura Brain can help you to feel alert, clear minded, and focused in daily life.

Blood Sugar Formula bottle

Natura Blood Sugar Formula

Natura Blood Sugar Formula features 20 natural ingredients studied for their ability to help support optimal blood sugar already in the healthy range, along with a wealth of additional health benefits.

This includes helping to manage sugar cravings, healthy weight management, and the creation of flowing natural energy for enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle.

Along with ingredients commonly found in other blood sugar support supplements, our formula includes Banana Leaf, Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf, and Cayenne Pepper. These extra ingredients help to provide additional potential health benefits, including managed sugar cravings, appetite control, and healthy weight management.

This product is made in the USA

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